CreatBot F160

Profesionalni 3d printer s namjenjen izradi predmeta od industrijskih materijala na visokim temperaturama.

Ističe ga potpuno zatvorena radna komora i dizajn predviđen za print materijala koji zahtjevaju visoke temprature radnog prostora.

Integrirani senzori omogućuju za pauziranje printa u slučaju nestanka struje ili nedostatka filamenta.

Dnevni najam: 

CreatBot F160

Detalji o proizvodu

High Temperature Hotend - We are the first one to publish 420°C high temperature nozzle to 3d printer market. This kind of nozzle allow to print with a variety of filaments. The nozzle height can also be micro adjusted.

High Precision & High Speed - We exclusively research and develop the extruder feeding system and guide rail, which support high-speed printing. Its printing accuracy can reach high to 0.04mm,and it allows to extrude filament steady without block.

Stability - The whole-steel body not only ensure the stability when printing, but also extend the usage period greatly. Its optimization and cooperation of overall structure ensure the sustainable and efficient operation. The first batch of CreatBot 3D printers have been working for 9 years and more than 30,000 hours.

Fully Enclosed High-Temperature Chamber - Fully enclosed chamber can block all external interference and reduce noise. Hot chamber can provide constant room temperature so that model won’t deform when printing.

Outage Restored & Filament Detection - The printer will automatically memorize the current position and save print data. Lower the platform and withdraw filament when power off suddenly. It will continue to print from the last stopped point after power’s on. The printer will avoid invalid printing by stoping print and warning when filament runs out.

Touch Screen - The printer have all-English-menu touch screen which is easy operate and friendly use. One key to warm,one key to print as p-4 rounded-lg bg-light border as many other shortcut keys.

Efficiently Platform & 150°C Hotbed - The hotbed is made of heatable aluminium PCB, which can be heat up to 150°C fast. The platform is attached with 3d printing stickers buildtak. Printed object can be stick on the buildtak tightly and won’t get deformed.

Nit 1,75 mm
Radni prostor
160 x 160 mm
Max. temperatura
420 °C
Print više materijala
Količina detalja

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